UMU Fun Furniture is the result of a gnawing yearn to marry my twin passions of designing and writing for children and come up with furniture that isn’t just a mute object in a child’s environment but something that can be constantly engaged with. Afterall, PLAY & STORIES are two of the most effective tools to effortlessly facilitate intellectual and emotional growth in a child. To know more, watch the teaser below and scroll down or visit

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About Story Chair

Born from the vision to develop furniture that aren’t just mute objects in a child’s environment but ones that can be constantly engaged with, the Story Chair combines play, stories and design to offer a multi-tasking product designed for children that can be used as a stool, a writing desk and a chair. With gadgets taking over our lives, the Story Chair hopes to offer a pause to busy parents/grandparents, giving them an opportunity to spend quality time with their child -helping them assemble the chair or reading out the accompanying furniture stories’, elevating the chair from being a mere piece of furniture to an object loaded with memories for the family.

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