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What the book is about

A toddler captivated by patterns... A little boy filling his slate with numbers, rubbing them out with his elbow and starting again... A teenager solving complex maths problems... A young man matching the best minds in Cambridge…

Following his singular fascination with numbers, the award-winning book brings to children the story of the brilliant mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan for whom numbers 'made patterns only he could see.'

Writing this book has been a journey of sorts for me and I have tried to capture the essence of that journey in a blog post
 where I share photos of the places related to Ramanujan (in India and England) that I have visited and my thoughts. If you read it, do share your thoughts and comments.

A Sneak-Peek 

I made a sneak-peek video for the book to commemorate Ramanujan's 100th death Anniversary on the 26th April 2020. It was also part of a series of videos that children's authors made for #ThodaReadingCorona, an initiative to bring som fun and hope to children and parents alike through book readings and discussions. Do write in with your comments about the video or if you want to know more about the concepts I discuss in it.
Scroll down if you'd like to solve the Magic Square puzzles mentioned in the video and don't foget to share the solutions with me!

Magic Square Puzzle

Buy the Book

'Srinivasa Ramanujan: Friend of Numbers' is now available in stores. Click on the link below to buy/ gift a copy to your loved ones.